The Best Laptop Deals and Sales in March 2023: Prices From $180

The Best Laptop Deals and Sales in March 2023: Prices From 0

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There’s a lot of choice out there, but sit back and let us bring you the best laptop deals from the best online retailers. Laptop sales occur throughout the year on various models and brands, so there’s usually no need to wait for seasonal discounts if you need a new laptop as soon as possible.

This guide to the latest laptop deals covers multiple price points for various buyers. We understand that most people just don’t need a super powerful piece of kit, so where we can find a solid laptop that will handle the basics for work or study for a low price point, we’re there. Of course, some of you might need something with a little more grunt to run more demanding applications or do a little gaming, and we’ve got you covered there too.

Before highlighting a laptop below, we’ll compare the price against rival stores and examine the price history of the item too so we can weigh up just how good of a deal it really is. Every laptop deal we highlight below is something we’d either buy for ourselves or recommend to a friend.

Top 5 laptop deals of the week

This 10.1-inch 2-in-1 tablet Chromebook is super portable and ideal if you just need something for the basics like browsing the net, email, or working on some docs. 4GB of RAM means it can’t handle too many tasks simultaneously, but you’re saving over $100 today.

Gateway’s laptops have really pushed through over the last few years as a budget laptop brand that offer nice specs with some stylish designs too. The brand is a Walmart exclusive nowadays and there are quite a few models available there at different prices. This is the pick of the bunch, with a roomy 256GB SSD, 15.6-inch display, and 8GB of RAM. We’re more used to seeing 4GB on models around this price. Doubling that up here will make for a noticeably quicker machine if you’re running a few apps at once. The battery life has impressed on most reviews, but the dodgy trackpad seems to be a common downside – not that it will matter much if you’re using a mouse.

If you want to dive into Chromebooks but maintain a premium feel and even do a bit of gaming, you won’t find a better laptop deal today. This Lenovo model was built with cloud gaming in mind and comes with three months of free GeForce Now access. Elsewhere, the specs include 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and an i3 processor – which wouldn’t be much to write home about on a Windows machine, but a Chromebook will get much more out of those specs for sure.

This series of Dell laptops is a fine benchmark for what you want from a reliable midrange PC at a sensible price. Better yet, it’s $150 off today in the sale. AMD Radeon Graphics, Ryzen 5 processor, a speedy 512GB SSD, and a 15.6-inch Full HD display are excellent value. 8GB of RAM is solid for the price and will handle most multitasking. If you’re prone to having dozens of Chrome tabs active or want to do some light media editing, the 16GB model below might be worth the extra spend.

If your laptop will generally live at home and you won’t have to carry it around much, then larger models like this 16-inch Inspiron are a smart choice. The extra screen space is super handy, especially if your work involves spreadsheets. The internal spec can efficiently multitask thanks to 16GB of RAM, a 12th-gen i5 processor, and 512GB of SSD storage space.

Want to see more laptop sales?

If you’ve not found something for your needs above, be sure to head over to the laptop sales highlighted at the retailers below to see if something else catches your eye. Most of them have everything from budget laptops around $200 or less, plenty of mid-range picks, and even discounts on more powerful machines specializing in gaming, graphic design, or media editing. We will also regularly update the laptop selection above with fresh deals over time, so feel free to bookmark us and check back in soon.