Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch Out for in 2023 – European Gaming Industry News

Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch Out for in 2023 – European Gaming Industry News
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Gaming technology has remained a significant part of the entertainment industry worldwide, and it does not show signs of slowing down at any point soon. From gaming consoles and wearables to tablets and phones, gaming has been a well-loved pastime for many years. However, this begs the question: what trends can we expect to watch out for in 2023?

This article will walk you through some mobile casino trends that may soon make waves in the iGaming industry, with some already introduced but not as widespread yet.

The Metaverse

As VR, AR, and other types of immersive tech become more accessible and common, there is little doubt that this movement will hugely impact mobile gaming. A significant part of virtual reality and augmented reality becoming more accessible to end-users is how they will be incorporated into the so-called Metaverse.

Metaverse has remained Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s primary focus for many years. In fact, in 2021, he renamed the company from Facebook to Meta. That said, the Metaverse is still in its early stages with no immediate impact as many may have initially anticipated. As new technology grows increasingly prevalent and more immersive experiences become widespread, the Metaverse will undoubtedly be something that could alter the landscape of mobile gaming.

AI Combined With Big Data

An amalgamation of AI and big data has the potential to impact games for end-users in 2023 hugely. Artificial intelligence enables developers to create immersive games, creating unique worlds with characters mimicking human behaviour or something else just as impressive.

At the same time, big data allows game developers to better understand end-users, their interests, and their behaviour. Compared with artificial intelligence, this data will help game developers to design the most stimulating mobile games possible. 

Introducing the Subscription Model

Subscription models have long been hugely popular throughout numerous industries for the past decade or so. Even though it has already been introduced widely in mobile gaming, it is expected to become bigger in 2023 since more developers prefer it over one-time purchases.

Some markets may expect to experience more significant growth in the subscription model than others. Asian countries will likely experience huge growth in this payment model this year. 

Mobile XR (Extended Reality)

XR, also known as extended reality, refers to all the various kinds of immersive tech, including mixed reality, VR, and AR. As we know it, VR has already become mainstream owing to the available range of PC gadgets and PlayStation’s well-liked VR headset. Therefore, it will not be as surprising to end-users when XR soon becomes prevalent in the mobile gaming sector.

Even though mobile gamers have not yet fully embraced VR, XR experiences may mean more immersive games. This may draw in more hardcore gamers who otherwise might avoid mobile gaming.

Cloud-based Gaming

Cloud streaming is anticipated to be among the biggest trends in the mobile gaming sector in 2023. Cloud streaming allows users to play without downloading anything because the streaming is facilitated directly from a dedicated server.

Limited mobile speeds have prevented cloud gaming from gaining popularity in the mobile gaming space like in other areas. However, with 5G becoming more accessible, more developers will likely focus on developing it.

Prominent companies such as Microsoft and Netflix have invested a lot of funds into their streaming services; therefore, we expect streaming to stay relevant for a long time. 2023 may be the year it becomes prominent in this sector.

AAA Developers Focusing On Mobile

The mobile gaming industry has long been viewed separately from the gaming industry as a whole. Nonetheless, this has changed in recent years. AAA developers like Activision and Respawn are developing and releasing games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends, particularly designed for mobile platforms.

This trend is expected to continue this year, with more and more AAA developers introducing their games to a more portable platform.

A Special Focus on Hardcore Gamers

Mobile gaming has often been associated with more casual gamers who do not play PC or console games as often. 

The ever-enhancing specs and fast-improving internet speeds on smart gadgets mean more hardcore gamers may start taking a keen interest in playing on mobile, just as they do on mobile-optimised platforms such as PowerPlay.

This change is already in motion as games like Call of Duty Mobile now appeal to a more hardcore gaming audience.

Fitness-Related Gaming

Video games are moving away from the stereotype of lazy gamers who prefer to sit slouched on a couch. Today’s video games can help you burn calories.

Fitness gaming, or Active Video Games (AVG), is quite effective, and more people gravitate towards fitness games. AVGs have existed for some time, but the trend is experiencing a recent upsurge in growth. Therefore, AVGs will be officially among the most prominent 3D video gaming trends in 2023.