New Sony Hardware to be Released Before PS5 Pro, Henderson Claims; Hasn’t Been Reported On

New Sony Hardware to be Released Before PS5 Pro, Henderson Claims; Hasn’t Been Reported On

According to known journalist and leaker Tom Henderson, new Sony hardware will arrive before the rumored PS5 Pro model.

That’s what Henderson said in his most recent stream about the cancellation of E3, the lower-than-expected PSVR2 sales, and the rumored PS5 Slim/Pro models. After his Steam, Henderson also took to Twitter to explain that this new hardware hasn’t been reported on just yet.

“I’ll be able to about it more in detail but there’s also a new piece of Sony hardware that will be released before the Pro”, the leaker said during his stream. “I’m more likely to talk about it very soon so definitely stay tuned for that. “I can’t say anything more, it’s not an April Fools or anything like that but there’s more hardware coming from Sony than what’s been reported on at the moment.”

Further down in his steam, Henderson had something more to say about this new piece of unannounced Sony hardware and a possible price drop of the current PS5 model. Interestingly, the leaker mentions new hardware from Sony but doesn’t directly mention the ‘PlayStation’ brand.

“Should we expect a price drop of the base PS5 when this new Sony hardware drops? The question about Sony’s current PS5 model reads. “I don’t think so, Henderson says in his video. I don’t think they’ll drop the price.

He added that it will be interesting to see how the competition will react when Sony announces this new piece of hardware.

“When this new hardware does get announced, it’s going to be very interesting to see what the competition thinks of it.”

We’ve included Henderson’s uploaded video down below (it starts at the 13:50 mark).

Interesting stuff for sure, and Hendeson has got us intrigued. Of course, take the information above with a pinch of salt for now as Sony has yet to confirm any other hardware than the current PlayStation 5 model. So far, Henderson has said that Sony will be announcing a PS5 pro model alongside a new model with a detachable disc drive. In addition, the leaker claimed that Sony is working on PlayStation Earbuds and a new line of PlayStation headsets. All of these, have yet to be confirmed by Sony.

What do you make of this new Sony hardware rumor from Henderson? What will it be? Are we looking at a new portable gaming device, or something entirely different? Hit the comments down below.

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