How To Watch Super Bowl 2023 Live

How To Watch Super Bowl 2023 Live

If you want to watch America’s biggest sporting event of the year in person, a single premium ticket to Super Bowl LVII will reportedly set you back between $5,623 and $24,855. Or, you can easily watch the big game at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium at home, where you only need to shell out money for snacks and refreshments.

From the comforts of your own home, you can get some of the best views of the Kansas City Chiefs going head-to-head against the Philadelphia Eagles right on your TV—even if you don’t subscribe to cable. Tuning in couldn’t be easier. The FOX network, along with the FOX Sports channel—available on Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV and Sling TV—will be streaming Super Bowl LVII live. (Just make sure you’re in front of your screen by 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, February 12, so you don’t miss the kickoff.)

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to enhance the immersion factor of watching the big game at home, we recommend connecting a soundbar or surround sound system to your screen to dramatically upgrade the sound. You can also add some visually interesting lighting effects by placing smart lights—like the Govee TV Backlight T2 or Roku Smart Light Strip SE—behind your TV. Then, with a few taps on your smartphone and you can display your favorite team’s colors or have the lighting sync up with the on-screen action.

And whether or not you plan to watch from home, you can always take advantage of the best Super Bowl TV deals. Right now, retailers including Best Buy and Amazon have slashed the prices on popular 4K and 8K TVs. While the screens may not arrive before the big game, there’s never a bad time to upgrade your old TV.

How To Watch Super Bowl LVII On FOX

The FOX television network plans to broadcast Super Bowl LVII live, so you can tune in on your television set via your local FOX affiliate station (whether or not you subscribe to cable TV or satellite TV).

To watch the game without cable or satellite TV, you need to connect an HD Digital TV Antenna to your television to pick up the signal from your local FOX affiliate. Assuming you’re within 60 miles of your local FOX affiliate, you can order the Insignia Amplified Ultra-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna—it works with virtually any 1080p or 4K television set and costs just $25 from Best Buy. (This is just one of many digital antenna options, but it is a low cost and effective solution we recommend.)

How To Watch Super Bowl LVII Online

The Super Bowl is also being streamed live online via the FOX Sports and NFL mobile apps. In addition to working on all iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices, the FOX Sports app is available on AppleTV, Roku, Google Chromecast, FireTV, AndroidTV and other streaming devices, as well as through Xbox.

To use the NFL mobile app, you need to be an NFL+ subscriber.

If you’re not a cable or satellite TV subscriber but want to watch the game on your smart TV, you’ll need to subscribe to Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV or Sling TV to access Fox Sports. If you’re not already a paid subscriber to one of these services, you can typically sign up for a free trial, but be sure to do this before the game.

Fox Sports will also be broadcasting the game through DirecTV Stream (not to be confused with the brand’s cable service), which streams over 75 live TV channels that can be viewed through all your smart devices. For a limited time, they’re also offering a five-day free trial for those looking to dip their toes in, as well as $10 off per month over your first year.

How To Stream The Big Game Using The FOX Sports Mobile App

If you have a cable TV subscription but want to watch the game on your mobile device, download the free FOX Sports mobile app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and then sign into the app using your cable TV account. You can then stream the game for free as long as your mobile device has an internet connection.

Roku Offers Multiple Ways To Stream The Super Bowl

Roku recently launched its Sports Experience on-screen menu, making it quicker and easier to find your favorite sporting events and programming. This new home screen menu system is available for free on all Roku streaming devices. This includes all smart TVs that use the Roku operating system, such as the TCL 4-Series Roku TV (85-inch, $1,000) and the Philips 4K Roku TV (55-inch, $500).

If you don’t yet have a smart TV or access to Roku’s exclusive programming options, don’t worry. For between $25 and $80, you can easily plug a Roku Streaming Stick into an HDMI-In port of your existing TV. We recommend the Roku Ultra ($70)—our pick for best streaming device overall—because it offers 4K resolution streaming, with HDR and Dolby Vision support, along with both Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity. You also get a Roku Voice Remote.

All Roku streaming devices, including its Streambar soundbars (which have Roku video streaming functionality built-in when used with a TV), offer access to the new Roku Sports Experience, as well as the FOX network, NFL and FOX Sports apps for watching Super Bowl LVII.

Roku And DoorDash Have Teamed Up

Just in time for Super Bowl LVII, Roku and DoorDash have teamed up. Anyone with an existing Roku streaming product automatically gets a six month complimentary DashPass subscription. This program offers $0 delivery fees on eligible orders from thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and retail stores across the United States.

Right from your TV screen, it’s now possible to access the DoorDash service, view food menus from participating restaurants, place an order online and then have your food delivered right to your door. And yes, this can be done all day and evening on Super Bowl Sunday.

Samsung S95B 65-Inch

Size: 65-inches | Type: QD-OLED | Resolution: 4K | Refresh rate: 120Hz | Operating system: Samsung Tizen | HDR: HDR10, HDR10+

Best for: Enjoying sports and games with bright, brilliant colors.

In our recent coverage of best TVs, this one was selected as our pick for best TV overall in January 2023.

This QD-OLED TV stands apart from its contemporaries for its thin profile and miniscule bezels. Its overall sleek design makes it easy to mount the TV on or against a wall. The back has four HDMI 2.1 ports for full 4K 120Hz gaming on current-generation consoles and three of those support enhanced audio return (eARC) for streamlining your audio setup. 

You also get a gigabit ethernet port, plus Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. This model handles up to HDR10+, but it doesn’t support Dolby Vision (same as other Samsung models). It’s available in 55- and 65-inch versions. Yes, it costs a bit more than its closest OLED competitors, which is not unexpected given its new panel technology. 


  • Extremely bright for an OLED TV
  • Richer colors than ever before
  • Reduced risk of burn-in compared to standard OLED


Size: 65-inches | Type: Neo QLED | Resolution: 4K | Refresh rate: 120Hz | Operating system: Samsung Tizen | HDR: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG

Best for: Watching weekend sports in the afternoon.

In our recent coverage of best TVs, this one was selected as our pick for best TV for sports in January 2023.

For sports fans, you want a TV with both excellent motion handling and a high brightness for watching games in the afternoon with the curtains open. The QN95B uses Samsung’s Neo QLED panel, which combines quantum dot LEDs with Mini LED technology. This makes a great combination for watching sports, regardless of the ambient light levels. Plus, this TV’s fast response time minimizes ghosting during the action, so you can sit back and appreciate every play. The variable refresh rate up to 120Hz makes games look buttery smooth, while low input lag helps video gameplay feel responsive. 

The maximum brightness for this TV is close to 2,000 nits, far more than you’d get on any OLED TV and many LED TVs. That brightness translates into a perfectly viewable picture even in direct sunlight. When used in a darker room, you benefit from this model’s strong contrast ratio and excellent HDR support, allowing those small sections of the screen to glare bright while the darker sections remain as close to black as you can get on an LED TV. This model has Samsung’s anti-reflective screen coating, so reflections are barely a consideration and don’t detract from the overall image. The QN95B distinguishes itself with its wide, uniform viewing angles, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the game in the same way. It’s perfect for watching Super Bowl LVII.


  • Very bright panel
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Powerful AI upscaling


  • Contrast and colors aren’t as strong as higher-end models

Size: 65-inches | Type: QLED | Resolution: 4K | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Operating system: GoogleTV | HDR: HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG

Best for: Getting a big, bright screen at a bargain price.

This TV was selected as our pick for best budget 65-inch TV in January 2023.

The Hisense U6H is a low-cost 65-inch TV whose specs rival much more expensive alternatives. It doesn’t have all the top features of more expensive models, like the Hisense U8H, but it still has impressive brightness—managing over 600 nits in HDR content, which is more than enough to make highlights really pop. With almost 50 local dimming zones, you can rest assured that blooming is not a major problem in scenes with high contrast. And thanks to quantum dot technology, colors are rich and vibrant across the whole spectrum.

The contrast ratio on this TV is good for an LED TV, although it won’t measure up against top models or OLED TVs. However, you’ll get nicely dark blacks and impressively bright whites with this TV. It also has support for variable refresh rates, so you shouldn’t have to worry about screen tearing or stuttering.


  • Impressive brightness for the price
  • Great colors and a high native contrast ratio
  • Local dimming zomes help with nuanced HDR


  • Limited to 60Hz refresh rate
  • Not as visually impressive as top models

Size: 65-inch | Type: Neo QLED | Resolution: 8K | Refresh rate: 120Hz (up to 144Hz) | Operating system: Samsung Tizen | HDR: HDR10+ Adaptive, Quantum HDR 64x, HLG

Best for: Watching sports on an 8K screen, with AI upscaling of older content.

For the ultimate football fan, or anyone who wants to watch video programming on a truly cutting-edge 8K resolution TV, the Samsung QN900B can take your TV picture and sound to the next level. This TV has a bright Mini LED panel, and a quantum dot layer which provides rich, vibrant colors. The 7,680 x 4,320-pixel, 8K display has an ultra-wide viewing angle, perfect for gathering a crowd of friends and family around it for the big game. The TV uses an internal processor to make colors look authentic and lifelike, and its Real Depth Enhancer mimics how the human eye processes depth and makes content appear more lifelike than ever. For sports, the fast refresh rate and Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro technology makes the on-screen action crystal clear and smooth.

Samsung integrates a 6.2.4 channel audio system with Dolby Audio, giving this TV impressive a built-in sound system (though it can still benefit from adding one of the best soundbars). The Samsung QN900B is available in a 65-inch, 75-inch or 85-inch configuration, but any of these size options will definitely put a dent in your wallet. If you’re going to stay home to watch the Super Bowl, this is the TV that will make every second of the action—not to mention the commercials—look and sound amazing.


  • Infinity screen with a near invisible bezel
  • AI upscaling to 8K
  • Superior color accuracy and contrast


LG G2 OLED Evo Gallery Edition

Size: 65-inch | Type: OLED | Resolution: 4K | Refresh rate: 120Hz | Operating system: LG WebOS | HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG

Best for: Stark contrast and vivid brightness even in well-lit rooms.

If you want a TV that will compellingly portray the contrast between the Chiefs’s bright white uniforms and the Eagles’ kelly green jerseys, try our pick for the best OLED TV. The G2 OLED is the brightest TV that LG has ever made—by some metrics, it’s the brightest on the market.

While OLED’s contrast ratio often presents best in dimly lit rooms, LG’s newer model allows for the same quality image without cutting the lights on your Super Bowl watch party. With an AI-boosted internal processing system, Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Free Sync Premium supported modes, and strikingly svelte profile, this 65-inch TV has features that could break the bank. With savings of up to 33{38557cf0372cd7f85c91e7e33cff125558f1277b36a8edbab0100de866181896}, this impressive OLED TV can be yours for less than $2,000.


  • LG Game Optimizer mode makes for fluid on-screen motion
  • Hangs close to the wall


  • Expensive when not on sale

Size: 48-inch | Type: OLED |Resolution: 4K | Refresh rate: 120Hz | Operating system: Google TV | HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG

Best for: High-end viewing for smaller crowds and rooms.

For those of us who aren’t hosting a small hoard for this year’s Super Bowl, a 65-inch screen may be overkill. Act fast and you can get $200 off our pick for the best small TV to enjoy the best of OLED technology without sacrificing too much wall-space. What this TV may lack in size is more than made up for in features dedicated to the most life-like image possible.

Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR technology, which debuted in 2021, creates exceptionally realistic pictures for movies and sports viewing, using features like Depth Map, which sharpens nearer object and somewhat mutes background objects to present a picture as the human eye may experience it. With a minimal bezel and elegant, backlit remote, Sony didn’t put all its eggs in the picture basket, either, making this discounted OLED TV a sleek and smart grab for smaller viewing parties.


  • Great for mixed use entertainment
  • Wide viewing angle


  • Muffled peak brightness
  • Expensive when not on sale

Samsung HW-Q990B 11.1.4ch Soundbar

The Samsung Q990B was our pick for best soundbar overall in February 2023.

Size: 48.5 x 2.7 x 5.4 inches (soundbar) | Channels: 11.1.4 with subwoofer and two rear speakers | Inputs: HDMI, optical audio | Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay | Spatial audio: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and more

Best for: Home theater enthusiasts seeking a high-end, immersive audio system.

The Samsung Q990B is a complete sound system for your TV. It was the first to include wireless Dolby Atmos, so you don’t need HDMI cables to experience immersive and rich true surround sound from 11 audio channels, one subwoofer and four up-firing channels. This soundbar and surround sound speaker system also supports DTS:X and just about every other popular audio codec out there—so whatever sporting event, TV show, or movie you’re watching, the accompanying audio floods the room to make you feel like you are part of the action.

Thanks to the SpaceFit Sound+ feature, the Q990B calibrates the audio to your specific space by analyzing the room and then adjusting the audio, including the bass, to ensure the most authentic and lifelike sound possible. And to improve the sound even further, the included pair of up firing rear speakers project the audio from above and behind you. While making sure background music, sound effects and other audio sound clear, the Q990B also uses adaptive sound technology to enhance voice clarity. Plus, if you’re a gamer, when you activate Game Pro Mode you can boost audio from your favorite games so it surrounds you. In all, the Q900B has 22 speakers and 656 watts of audio power. The system includes just about every feature you could possibly want or need from a surround sound system with a soundbar as its centerpiece.


  • 22 speakers to produce 11.1.4-channel surround sound
  • Includes a soundbar, subwoofer and two rear speakers
  • Supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and numerous other audio codecs


  • Expensive
  • No support for Google Chromecast

Size: Center unit 36.5 × 2.5 × 4.25 inches, Subwoofer 7.5 × 16.5 × 16 inches | Channels: 2.1 | Inputs: Arc HDMI | Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Alexa | Spatial audio: Dolby Digital

Best for: Multi-purpose listening without a remote.

Lost remote? No problem. Our top pick for voice-controlled soundbar allows you to change volume, switch components and more with only your voice via Amazon Alexa. Just in time for the Superbowl, it’s also now 29{38557cf0372cd7f85c91e7e33cff125558f1277b36a8edbab0100de866181896} off at Amazon.

Yamaha’s first smart speaker may not provide the immersive surround sound effect that comes with high-end systems from Sonos or Samsung, but its DTS Virtual:X capabilities offer an impressive wraparound effect given its size and price range. And with Yamaha’s Clear Voice processing, you may be able to dismiss those subtitles once and for all so you can focus on the action. And when the game is over, you can play music, podcasts and more through Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


  • Superb sound quality for a mid-priced soundbar
  • Clear Voice makes dialogue clean and audible


Size: 45 x 3.4 x 4.5 inches | Channels: 5.0.2 | Inputs: HDMI 2.1, ethernet | Wireless: Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect | Spatial audio: Dolby Atmos

Best for: Fans of Sonos who want superior spatial audio for their TV

With 11 speakers that support Dolby Atmos technology, the Sonos Arc is an all-in-one soundbar that won’t need help from a bulky subwoofer to envelop you in rich sound. (If you care to upgrade, though, it does pair with Sonos’ Gen 3 Sub). It ranks as our top standalone Dolby Atmos soundbar, and is now available for $100 off from multiple retailers.


  • Premium spatial audio
  • Crystal-clear enhanced dialogue


Roku Streambar Pro 4K

Size: 2.8 x 32.2 x 3.9 inches | Channels: 2.1 | Inputs: HDMI, optical audio, USB | Subwoofer: Optional (sold separately) | Wireless: Wi-Fi | Spatial audio: Dolby Audio

Best for: Improving any TV’s audio with minimal investment.

In February 2023, we selected the Roku Streambar Pro as our pick for best soundbar under $200 in our roundup of the best soundbars.

Not only is the Roku Streambar Pro one of the most affordable soundbars on the market, it also generates really impressive sound from virtually any TV. However, as your budget allows, it’s easy to upgrade the system by adding the optional Roku Wireless Bass Pro subwoofer ($180) and Roku Wireless Speakers ($150) to create a true surround sound system with a 4.1 or 5.1 configuration.

Right out of the box, the 32-inch wide Streambar Pro uses four 2.5-inch full-range drivers to deliver powerful and clear sound. Also built into the speaker are 4K Roku streaming capabilities to easily transform any TV into a smart TV compatible with virtually all popular streaming services. The voice remote that comes with the speaker is incredibly easy to use for controlling your TV, the soundbar and your streaming activities. (You also have the option of using the Roku mobile app on your smartphone as a TV and soundbar remote control.) Between its sound quality and functionality, this is one of the best deals you’ll find for home theater audio under $200. It’s the ideal companion to any TV. Audio quality is as good (if not better) than soundbars that cost two to four times as much.


  • Built in Roku 4K streaming device transforms your TV into a smart TV
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great value


Connect A Popular Streaming Device To Your Existing TV To Watch The Super Bowl

If you don’t yet have a smart TV, you can transform any modern TV into a smart TV using an optional streaming device. Some of the most popular streaming device options are Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast and Apple TV 4K.

The Roku Express 4K+ streaming stick comes with a voice-controlled remote control. This is one of several low-cost streaming devices that Roku offers. It connects to your TV and your home’s Internet. It then provides instant access to a vast selection of streaming services and programming using an intuitive user interface.

The newly updated Apple TV 4K device connects to any TV and your home’s Internet. It then gives you instant access to hundreds of apps for streaming TV shows, movies and sporting events from popular networks, including the FOX Sports Network that’ll be airing Super Bowl LVII live.

For Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac users, however, Apple TV 4K offers a variety of other useful features, like the ability to view images from your iCloud Photo Library on your TV screen.

You can also play games (via individual game apps or the Apple Arcade service), plus play audio content from Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and other audio streaming services via your TV. Apple TV 4K comes with 64GB of internal storage in a Wi-Fi only model ($129) or with 128GB of internal storage in the Wi-Fi + Ethernet model ($149).

Like Roku, Google and Apple, Amazon offers its own line up of streaming devices (as well as its own smart TVs). The Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max plugs into the HDMI port of your existing TV, connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and then provides live and on-demand access to hundreds of streaming apps and services, including several that’ll be broadcasting Super Bowl LVII. (Separate subscription fees for various streaming services will apply.)

What’s nice about this particular Amazon Fire TV Stick is that it supports 4K Ultra HD video resolution, Wi-Fi 6, Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR 10+, as well as Dolby Atmos to provide superior audio quality.

Several Streaming Services Also Offer Super Bowl Access

Several of the popular, subscription-based video streaming services, including Hulu + Live, YouTubeTV, FuboTV and SlingTV also offer to one or more of the channels that will be streaming Super Bowl LVII live. It’s not too late to subscribe to one of these service to access the big game from your smart TV, video game console, or mobile device.

You’ll need a Hulu + Live subscription and a supporting device (such as an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, a popular game console, a streaming stick, or a smart TV), plus a local FOX affiliate in your area to watch the Super Bowl on Hulu. If you can jump through these hoops, watching Super Bowl LVII is simple. You’ll basically use Hulu to access a FOX affiliate station or FOX Sports.

Hulu + Live includes Hulu programming, live TV programming from more than 75 channels, plus access to the Disney+ and ESPN+ streaming services as a bundle. Keep in mind, you’ll only be able to access the Super Bowl with a Hulu + Live subscription—not a regular Hulu subscription.

Right now, Sling TV is offering half-off its Orange, Blue and Orange/Blue programming bundles. So, for the first month, you can sign up for the popular streaming service for as little as $20. Regular monthly fees apply thereafter.

Sling TV Orange includes unlimited streaming access to 31 channels and 50 hours of DVR storage from one device. The slightly more expensive Sling TV Blue service offers unlimited access to 41 channels and 50 hours of DVR storage using up to three streaming devices. Finally, the Orange/Blue combo package offers unlimited access to 47 channels and 50 hours of DVR storage on up to three devices. In most U.S. markets, the Blue or combo package offers access to the FOX network and Fox Sports, so you can stream the Super Bowl live.

The Sling TV app works with AppleTV, iOS mobile devices, Android-based mobile devices and smart TVs, all Roku devices, FireTV OS TVs and devices, Chromecast-enabled TVs and streaming devices and smart TVs from more than a dozen manufacturers. When you sign up for Sling TV right away, you also get a 30-day trial subscription to Showtime, Starz and MGM+ and a free Amazon Fire TV streaming stick.


YouTube’s live TV streaming service—YouTube TV—also gives you access to FOX’s coverage of Super Bowl LVII. YouTube TV costs $65 per month, but you can get it for free for seven days if you sign up for the trial. There’s also a promotion that offers your first three months for only $55 per month.

Once you’ve signed up, use any device that can access YouTube to watch Super Bowl LVII on YouTube TV. It’s available via your desktop or laptop computer’s web browser and there are also apps for Android and iOS devices. Plus, you can find official YouTube TV apps on Google Chromecast, Xbox consoles, the PS4/PS5, Samsung and LG TVs and on Apple TV, for example.

Like Hulu + Live and YouTube TV, FuboTV is another online streaming service that mirrors traditional cable TV with its array of channels and coverage. With a FuboTV subscription, you get access to 300+ TV channels and cable networks, including NFL, FOX Sports and the FOX television network. Thus, FuboTV will also give you live access to Super Bowl LVII.

To watch the game, you’ll need a FuboTV subscription (a free trial is available) and a compatible device. These devices include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV devices, as well as Xbox game consoles, Samsung’s smart TVs, iOS mobile devices (iPhones and iPads), Android tablets and phones, along with Mac and Windows PCs computers. The FuboTV subscription rate is between $75 and $95 per month, but there’s a free seven day trial you can use to watch the game.

What Time Does Super Bowl LVI Start?

The 2023 Super Bowl airs live on Sunday, Feb 12, at 6:30 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in early for pre-game coverage and then sit tight for the infamous Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show—which will feature what will no doubt be a memorable performance from Rihanna. Before the show, be sure to check out a preview of the halftime show on YouTube.